Website Inactive

The London in 2014 bid website is no longer active. Now that we have won the bid, the convention website is at — please visit that website to join the convention or see the latest news

Supporter Information

You can show your support for the bid by buying a Pre-Supporting, Friend or Young Person Friend membership. The money raised from these memberships is the primary source of экскурсии по районам Москвы income to fund the bid expenses. In the event that the bid is successful, Pre-Supporting members and Friends will receive discounts on buying memberships for the convention itself.

Pre-Supporting membership costs £12, and gives a £6 discount on convention membership. Joining as a Friend costs £60, which will be applied in full as a discount on Attending membership of the convention itself (if you pay to vote in the site selection for the 2014 Worldcon, there will then be no further cost to attend if you are a Friend).

We also offer a young person's Friend rate of £30, which also be applied as a discount on Attending membership, for anyone who will be aged 17-25 in August 2014 (your birthday must be on or after 14 August 1988). Child rates will be available for those aged 16 or younger to join the convention, but are not not offering Child rates for Friends of the bid. Children are welcome to buy young person's Friend memberships if they (or their parents) wish, but they will not necessarily offer good value for money, especially if they also pay the voting fee to vote in the 2014 site selection.

If you are already a Pre-Supporter, you can upgrade to Friend by paying the difference (or to Young Person Friend if you qualify).

Memberships purchased online are priced in pounds sterling. We will have a presence at a number of conventions around the world, and we will be building a network of overseas agents, who will also sell memberships in their local currencies. Check back on this website for news about local agents. Current foreign-currency rates, which are liable to change if there are movements in exchange rates, are:









Pre-Supporting £12 US$20 €15 CDN$20 AU$20 ¥1600
Friend £60              US$100   €70 CDN$100     AU$100        ¥8000      
Young Person Friend £30   US$50 €35 CDN$50 AU$50 ¥4000
Upgrade to Friend £48  US$80 €55 CDN$80 AU$80 ¥6400
Upgrade to YP Friend £18 US$30 €20 CDN$30 AU$30 ¥2400