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The London in 2014 bid website is no longer active. Now that we have won the bid, the convention website is at — please visit that website to join the convention or see the latest news

Frequently Asked Questions

London in 2014 is a bid for the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention, or Worldcon, to be held over the weekend of Thursday 14 to Monday 18 August 2014 at the brand new International Conference Centre, ExCeL, London Docklands.

We are not currently aware где покупать экскурсии в Сочи of any competing bids for the 2014 Worldcon. The World Science Fiction Society maintains a list of known Worldcon bids here, if you'd like to see bids for other years.

The 2014 Worldcon will be selected by a vote of the members of Chicon 7, the 2012 Worldcon, in Chicago.

Our booking with ExCeL is for Thursday 14 August to Monday 18 August 2014.

To vote for the 2014 Worldcon, you have to be at least a supporting member of Chicon 7, the 2012 Worldcon. You will then be eligible to vote in the 2014 site selection, but you will need to purchase an advance supporting membership in the 2014 Worldcon as part of the voting process.

You can buy a Pre-Supporting membership of the bid, or become a Friend. See Membership for more details.

Pre-Supporting members membership shows your enthusiasm for the bid, and the bid expenses are largely financed from revenue received from pre-supporters.

Pre-Supporting members will receive updates on the bid progress, and in the event that the bid is successful we will discount your membership of the convention itself by 50% of the amount paid for the Pre-Support.

Friends are similar to Pre-Supporting members, but they make a larger contribution to the bid.

Friends who vote in the site selection in 2012 will receive an automatic conversion to full Attending membership of the convention. Friends who do not vote will have to pay an upgrade fee which will be similar to the voting cost. Either way, there will be no cheaper route to buying an attending membership of the convention. It is likely that Friends will also receive some small gift as a token of our appreciation for their support.

Most of the convention will be held in the ExCeL exhibition centre, in London's Docklands, specifically their new International Convention Centre. The nearby hotels will be used for accommodation, and possibly also some convention events.

ExCeL is between five and nine miles east of the main central London tourist area, with good transport links via the London Underground and the Docklands Light Railway.

London City Airport is one mile from ExCeL, but only handles short-haul flights to European destinations (with the exception of a single British Airways business-class service to New York JFK). The closest long-haul airports are London Heathrow and London Gatwick, which are respectively 20 miles west and 30 miles south of ExCeL. London is also served by Luton and Stansted international airports.

We're not able to publish our hotel rates while they're still under negotiation, but we expect that they will be in line with those for recent and forthcoming Worldcons held in the US, assuming a conversion rate of around $1.60-$1.70 to the pound (and bearing in mind that UK hotel rates include tax, and normally breakfast).

Yes, people who were born on or after 14 August 1988, and so will be aged under 26 at the time of the convention, may purchase a Friend membership for half of the normal rate. We expect to offer discounts on Attending membership of the convention to this age group.

Our budget allows for only a limited level of discounting, and we have chosen to target our available resources on attracting new members who will probably not have attended a previous Worldcon.