Website Inactive

The London in 2014 bid website is no longer active. Now that we have won the bid, the convention website is at — please visit that website to join the convention or see the latest news

Progress Report Minus One

We have published a progress report for the bid, which is available as an electronic publication only, and is now available for download. You can download either a hi-res PDF (24MB) or a low-res PDF (3MB).

All of our Pre-Supporters and Friends will be receiving both a postcard and an email (unless you asked for paper publications only) to let them know that the progress report is available. If you have not received them by mid August at the latest, it means that we don't have your current address details, so please email to let us know. Or visit our bid desk at Chicon 7, this year's Worldcon.

Many thanks to John Coxon for editing, to Alison Scott for the cover, and to all the contributors.

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