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The London in 2014 bid website is no longer active. Now that we have won the bid, the convention website is at — please visit that website to join the convention or see the latest news

Updated Supporter Numbers

We've updated the supporter list, and we now have 913 Pre-Supporters, 797 Friends, 61 Young Friends and 40 Subscribers. With six weeks to go until Chicon 7, and then three days at Chicon for selling additional Pre-Support and Friend memberships before site selection voting closes, we may yet hit over 1,000 Friends, which would be three times as many as the previous record of 335 (as far as we're aware). Thanks to everyone who has supported us -- and if you haven't done so yet, you still have six weeks.

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[b][url=]Barbour[/url][/b]The wind is getting colder; the forecast is not good. And that's just the weather!But, as Captain Cameron would say: "At last we are alone in this blizzard. Thank goodness. Where exactly is the next service station, old boy."? This article was amended on 13 December. The original incorrectly stated that corporation tax in the Republic of Ireland was 10%.The Jeremy Clarkson moment: populism or oligarchy?Who was right about yesterday's public sector strike then? Jeremy ("execute them") Clarkson and his sneering Fleet St allies who dismissed the occasion as an extra shopping day? Or the strikers themselves and those sections of the media that looked more kindly upon their protest, which included (steady on, chaps) the first 12 pages of today's Guardian?This doesn't seem a difficult one to me.
[b][url=]Moncler Jassen Heren[/url][/b]In this November 12,2010 file photo,Hezbollah fighters parade during the inauguration of a new cemetery for their fighters who died in fighting against Israel,at the southern suburb of Beirut,Lebanon. (Hussein Malla/AP,file)Lebanon’s two largest political blocs—one led by Hezbollah and the other by the Future Movement—support opposing sides in the fight between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and rebels trying to oust him. Hezbollah has been engaged militarily against the rebels.Earlier this month,Lebanon’s parliament approved a new prime minister,the 68-year-old Tammam Salam,who has promised to try to mitigate the threat of the Syrian civil war spilling further into Lebanon.
[b][url=]Giubbotti Woolrich[/url][/b]Since I'm in favor of more immigration,I would welcome that. But politically,I doubt it's sound strategic advice. As Heather MacDonald points out,Latino voters do not vote 100%,or even primarily,on immigration. They are heavy users of government services and generally fairly fiscally liberal. It seems more likely than not that the GOP would be supporting a drive to make millions of more Democratic voters,at least in the short term. The GOP strategists may well reckon that they are better off holding the line and letting assimilation bring latinos over onto their side.Nor do I see the case for tacking left on affirmative action. ?I'm agnostic on affirmative action as a policy matter:it's an unjust way of rectifying a deep injustice.
[b][url=]Parajumpers Oslo[/url][/b]The implication of the oped is that Obama should support Israel no matter what its government does. But Adelson himself famously rejected that view in 2007 when he denounced AIPAC for backing the Israeli government’s push for more aid to the Palestinian Authority,saying,"I don’t continue to support organizations that help friends committing suicide just because they want to jump."So Adelson can’t want Obama to support whatever the Israeli government does. More likely,he wants Obama to support this Israeli government—a government openly hostile to a Palestinian state near the 1967 lines—because Adelson is himself openly,vociferously hostile to a Palestinian state,which he’s called "a stepping stone for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.
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